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Meridians in the body system is responsible for transporting the body's "Qi" & "Blood" in the body. Within a continuous cycle of various tissues and organs in the body to maintain balance and stability. However, when the body is in abnormal lesions, relative to the meridian system appears occluded, the impact will be these substances in weaken sending, and then the pain start generating.

Traditional pat, massage, acupuncture and other therapies are the stimulation as a treatment for the disease reflects the acupuncture points of the human body, the objective is to promote the "Qi" in the body unhindered, once Qi went smooth disease will be healing naturally.

The Meridian treatment, people can be easily received from the surrounding force field energy through the meridian system pass cloth to all organizations. Internal organs can also be adjusted to the energy received, and to maintain the system's equilibrium.

Traditional physical therapy needs of the range of equipment, personnel also need highly professional training practice, otherwise it will produce a variety of risks. Such as acupuncture, sometimes produce a halo needle, Needle, looper, silt situation such as Green hematoma in the chest, back, the supraclavicular fossa needles too deep or improper angle, cause pneumothorax or damage to internal organs, accidentally thorn in the larger arteries, causing heavy bleeding. Others such as tapping, cupping, fire treatment and so the traditional folk medicine, medical malpractice and accident is endless.

So, who is the best therapist? The answer is our own

Pain, there where uncomfortable, bad appetite, excretion is not normal, every day we mmust clearly know about our own body changes, with the propriety and the auxiliary health equipment readily available, timely adjustment whole body, everyone can be a therapist.
you are the therapist yourself

Two channel laser therapy instrument, is a combination of optical and electrical essence of the instrument. Follow Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture and cupping therapy principle, innovation will be the exclusive automatic adsorption apparatus and laser integration, rehabilitation and treatment for local organizations and acupressure. Hammer to knock on the human body, pat, massage and TENS (percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), the true reach "of traditional Chinese scientific and diversification of treatment modalities. With the TCM clinical acupuncture points and meridian lines to do the treatment, individually significant benefits for many acute and chronic diseases, and can be widely used in preventive health care, to meet the requirements of modern physical health.

Two channels laser treatment device, small size, simple operation, applicable to different gender, different ages, different regions, is the best helper for household and personal care.

Awards :
Composite laser acupuncture and cupping "2006 Taipei International Medical Exhibition Taiwan Medical Association issued "Innovative Product Award".

Product features

1 phototherapy:
Nasal cavity, radial artery, Neiguan irradiation of high the net blood (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar), skin care, health hair, acne, wound healing, pain relief, tinnitus, allergic rhinitis, and promote activation of cell nutrition, accelerate Cell metabolism.

2. Electrotherapy:
Neuralgia, the acute chronic acid pain relief, shoulder pain relief, point massage, massage

3. Laser acupuncture:
Replace the traditional acupuncture treatment, a biological stimulus, home use, security, time-saving, convenient, non-invasive, no harm, no pain, no infection, attending a variety of the acid pain disease (carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, back pain, aged shoulder), trigeminal neuralgia, headache, rehabilitation, weight loss, breast, prostate, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, stimulate microvascular circulation, promote the activation of cell nutrition, accelerate cell metabolism, body sculpting weight loss, acute and chronic acid pain relief solution.

4. Negative pressure cupping:
Improvement to enhance the local blood supply, circulation, hypoxia, reduce the edema of the nerve fiber, so that the decline in tissue tension, Pai Khan detoxification, endocrine regulation, to adapt to a variety of acute and chronic pain, joint pain, cervical pain.
circulation of body blood can be clean-up by these two points

Product's introduction  :
The advantages of laser acupuncture -
1. Safe, convenient, time-saving.
Bio-stimulation of the laser light does not invade the body surface, safe no harm, no pain, no infection from the outside, qi, remove from the inside guide patient psychological stress and discomfort. The treatment of qualitative and quantitative. Infrared laser beam excited issued for non-invasive treatment of acupuncture points, can be eliminated by the needle by the mental burden, to avoid the traditional acupuncture improper or too deep curved needle, Needle, fold-pin, fainting injury, painless sterile to avoid infection, simple, safe, non-Chinese medicine professionals their own use at home.

2. Can completely replace the advantages of traditional acupuncture, at the same time do Kaoru therapy, cupping, to good effect infrared light laser (808nm) laser beam with the cupping, different waveforms, power rate, frequency, light, heat, and reached the stimulation of acupuncture and moxibustion, the reflection of the human body meridians and acupoints, promote smooth the meridians and blood to reconcile, so as to achieve eliminate the disease, restore health purposes.
3. Stimulate capillary circulation, promote activation of cell nutrition, accelerate cell metabolism. The traditional acupuncture only general kinetic energy therapy, a laser beam to replace the traditional metal needles by irradiated human skin Via electromagnetic effects or photochemical role after stimulation of various physiological and metabolic reactions in the shallow skin, such as blood vessels expand zhang, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) synthesis of collagen tissue, activation of cell metabolism, enhance immune function and so on.

4. laser treatment of academic research has proven performance:
(1) increase in the synthesis of ATP (mitochondrial).
(2) increased leukocyte phagocytic cells
(3) improve blood circulation
(4) improve the recovery of red blood cells, oxygen-carrying and deformation vitality
(5) increasing the cell synthesis of DNA and RNA
(6) increased angiogenesis
(7) increased the wound collagen and protein synthesis
(8) reducing the amount of prostaglandin
(9) to improve cell viability role
(10) to improve the immune system
5. Two channels laser treatment instrument - clinical application
•elderly chronic disease (Lee General Hospital, China Medical University), stroke prevention and rehabilitation, frozen shoulder rehabilitation
•to promote hair regeneration package: improving hair loss, thinning hair and alopecia
•promote local blood circulation, eliminate swelling and inflammation (Taipei Veterans General Hospital Clinical)
•weight loss (Wan Fang Hospital clinical, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital)
•Medical Beauty: promote the synthesis of collagen in the dermal layer, and breast
•open wounds and ulcers heal (diabetic foot)
•dermatology applications: postherpetic neuralgia (Xindian Tzu Chi Dermatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine)
•dental applications: pain relief
•ENT applications: chronic rhinitis, tinnitus, depression, dry depressive disorder
•acute and chronic sports injuries and postoperative pain relief
•Medical Beauty: In addition to the small wrinkles, increase muscle elasticity and accelerate drug absorption, burns and ambulance, scar repair
•to promote wound healing: open wounds, diabetic foot deep nerve surgery, postoperative care, vaginal sores
•pain relief: acute pain, chronic pain, neuralgia, arthritis, sciatica
•improvement cycle: cold constitution, chronic degenerative, allergic rhinitis, strengthen neurotransmission

The effectiveness of the principle of laser, laser treatment instrument
1 to change the blood flow changes in indicators
Improve blood flow changes in the nature, to reduce the viscosity of whole blood, plasma viscosity, platelet aggregation ability to activate the enzyme system, to speed up metabolism.
2 to improve the blood circulation
To stimulate nasal sympathetic and parasympathetic enable nasal mucosa vasoconstriction expansion, thus reflex caused intracranial blood circulation and the systemic circulation.
3 to restore the red blood cells of normal morphology
The supplementary sound net energy of the red blood cell, stripped erythrocyte surface layer of fat, restore the negative charge of the surface of red blood cells, increase erythrocyte repulsion between, so that the single cell free, to avoid cell adhesion.
4. Improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells
Because of the the quantum supplement biological capacity of the red blood cells, red blood cells with oxygen better play its oxygen-carrying and transporting
Oxygen function, to ensure that the body tissue oxygen.
5. Increased SOD content of red blood cells
Determination of SOD (superoxide dismutase) found after treatment with the laser erythrocyte SOD content increased with when can clear free radicals in the blood and garbage.
6. Regulation of the immune
Favor by the activation of white blood cells, to improve phagocytic activity and chemotactic substances that the body metabolism and energy metabolism,
loss of tissue repair and regeneration, thus regulating the immune role.
7. Activate brain cells
Accounted for 90% of the neurons of the laser through the nose the direct rays of the skull base, activate the "sleep neurons, brain blood flow irrigation note increase and improve the function of brain cells, and thoroughly improve brain microcirculation.
8. Softening vascular
Laser laser nasal irradiation blood therapy can protect the blood vessels within the batch of cells, enhance or restore the elasticity of the blood vessels, reducing low-density lipoprotein, correct acidosis, soften blood vessels.
blood circulation check after therapy

Apply to the following diseases:
(1) high cholesterol
(2) hypertension
(3) cerebral thrombosis
(4) Diabetes
(5) the elderly intractable insomnia
(6) Aging
(7) To assist in wound healing
(8) in the treatment of alopecia
(9) red light therapy device acne, rejuvenation wrinkle, dermatology mechanism
(10) weight loss body sculpting laser acupuncture plus percutaneous electrical stimulation, and do not have to suffer the needle to assist weight loss
(11) benign prostatic hypertrophy
(12) women's urinary incontinence
(13) red light therapy and chronic skin ulcers
(14) laser laser, cupping, electrotherapy stimulation of breast
(15) insomnia
(16) Carpal tunnel syndrome new treatments - laser therapy
(17) Tinnitus
(18) to improve the function of vascular lesions
(19) irradiation the acupoint treatment of elderly degenerative knee pain
(20) periarthritis, also known as frozen shoulder
(21) lower back pain
(22) The treatment of sexual dysfunction